San Bernadino Press Release

As Salaam Aleikum, Peace be upon you,

The Islamic Center of Eastside and the Islamic Center of Redmond condemn the San Bernardino, CA, shooting and extend our heartfelt condolences to the families and loved ones of all those killed or injured in this unfortunate incident. There are no words that can help them overcome their pain and loss.

The two individuals, who committed this heinous crime, professed Islam but their motivation does not and cannot find its basis in Islam. The action they committed is a crime against faith and all civilized norms of life. These are misguided and misled individuals, much like those in every group and community, as witnessed in other mass shootings across America. The Muslim community rejects such individuals or groups and their actions, regardless of their motivations.

Our sincere hope is that the families and friends of the victims find solace and patience as they persevere through this tragic incident, even though this incident will endure in the hearts and minds of people of the Centers and San Bernardino residents for years to come. As part of the American fabric, we feel and share the pain of victims of mass shootings across America, regardless of the cause or motivation.

The Islamic Center of Eastside (ICOE) , also known as the Bellevue Masjid, is the first permanent mosque established in the eastside of Seattle in Bellevue, WA. ICOE has served the community for over 20 years.
The Islamic Center of Redmond (ICOR), also known as the Redmond Masjid, is the first permanent mosque established in Redmond, WA, and the second in the Eastside. The Masjid has served Redmond for 15 years.

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