ICOE Maktab (After School) Program:

ICOE is starting its Maktab program from September 18th. The program curriculum will be based on of one of the world's most renowned and successfull Maktab curriculum designed by "The Jamiatul Ulama (KZN), Ta'limi Board" from South Africa. The curriculum contains up-to 12 levels for all age categories ( 5 to 14 years). Each grade level has 5 different subjects as below:

* Quran/Qaida

* Surah Memorization

* Fiqh

* Aqaidh

* Islam History

Students will be given assignments , progress tracked to ensure continuous improvement and learning is achieved, Insha'Allah.


Please sign up your kids using this Register your kids @Registration Link

Slots are limited and registrations will be closed once we reach the student count limit.

For more Information:

Please email education@eastsidemosque.com and mention in subject line as "Maktab".

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