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Construction [update as of 1/13/2019]

Home Construction [update as of 1/13/2019]

Construction [update as of 1/13/2019]

High Level Summary

  • Land Usage Permit: Received an update from the City on 12/15 to start final technical design submission which includes detail design plan.
  • Awaiting  land use approval from the city. Target ~ Feb’19

Next Steps

  • Building Permit: Papers (final packet) to be submitted in full by end of Jan`19. Approval target ~ May’19 
  • Starting bidding process in Jan’18 and plan to select the contractor well before we get the approval
  • Rough estimation of total construction cost ~ 1.8 to 2.2 M.
  • Expect to do fundraising in March-April 2019 time frame for remainder of funds needed
  • Construction start May-June 2019 (~9 months to complete)

For plan details, click here for ICOE Conceptual Design.

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