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ICOE Education Committee offers several education programs for greater community benefits. Please learn more about our following programs:


Friday Halaqa

Weekly halaqa prgoram with Shaykh Fazal Hassan every Friday after Maghrib at ICOE

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Friday Parking

Friday Parking Arrangements

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Monday Halaqa

Weekly Halaqa by Shaykh Nadeem Yousuf every Monday after Isha at ICOE.

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Sisters Tajweed Class

An introduction to Tajweed, The etiquettes of reciting the Quran as it was revealed. Focusing on basics of Tajweed and memorization of Quran conducted by Hafiza Sana. See flyer for registration and more details.

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Youth Halaqa

We are excited to announce Guys Youth Halaqa program starting at ICOE from this Saturday, 2/17 onwards, Insha`Allah. This program is open for age group 14-21 scheduled after Dhuhr salah every Saturday. Please sign up and get benefit from this youth program

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