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ICOE Education Committee offers several gucci crossbody bag replica education programs for greater community benefits. Please learn more about our following programs:



ICOE is starting its Maktab program from September 18th. The program curriculum will be based on of one of the world`s most renowned and successfull Maktab curriculum designed by

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Mishkah Academy

Alhamdulillah ICOE has started a Pre-School program (Mishkah Academy) from September, 2017 onwards. Our vision is to provide a platform to the community where kids can learn and seek knowledge in an Islamic environment for their early childhood education. Mishkah Academy is starting

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Quran Competition

Quran Competition 2019

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Saturday Quran School

ICOE has started a weekend Islamic Studies program for both boys and girls age 5 and above.

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Summer Program

Learn , Fun and Win

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