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Construction [Update as of 03.15.2023]

Home Construction [Update as of 03.15.2023]

Construction [Update as of 03.15.2023]

High Level Summary

  • Rear tiles, exterior white tiles, canopy, and glass frames are installed. We will start exterior glass, Aluminum panels in April. Exterior is ready and waiting to get installed in April.
  • Sidewalk, grading, and irrigation works are mostly done. Working on fence and landscaping works are expected to start soon.
  • All interior prep work, including electrical, plumbing, and heating work, is complete.
  • Interior tile work is done, including the bathroom.
  • Elevator work is complete; waiting for inspection.

Next Steps

  • Interior doors, Cabinet installation, and painting are the pending work expected to start next week
  • Complete inspection (Final plumbing, Fire, Site, Landscape, Right of Way) once the above work is completed.

For plan details, click here for ICOE Conceptual Design.

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