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Construction [Update as of 7.5.2019]

Home Construction [Update as of 7.5.2019]

Construction [Update as of 7.5.2019]

High Level Summary

  • Permits to start the work are completed.
  • Finalizing paperwork with contractor before the construction begins.
  • Construction to begin in 2nd week of August
  • Construction time estimated is ~8 months (expected completion is March 2020)
  • Project cost is around $3.2 Million
  • We have around $1.5M in account and short of $1.7M
  • Fundraising update will be sent out soon

Next Steps

  • Hold ground breaking ceremony in next few weeks, separate communication will be sent out to the community
  • Start the construction from August 2nd week

For plan details, click here for ICOE Conceptual Design.

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