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Construction [Update as of 11.28.2023]

Home Construction [Update as of 11.28.2023]

Construction [Update as of 11.28.2023]

High Level Summary

  • Completed the work in elevator room, bathrooms, and interior door installation.
  • Construction is getting close to completion and expect to open the masjid for regular prayers in a few months.

Next Steps

  • Door installation - Exterior door installation is expected to be completed next week
  • Kitchen cabinets - Installation in progress, expect to be completed next week
  • Indoor glass panel: Installation will start in a week and is expected to be completed before mid-Dec
  • Audio equipment - Installation will start on 12/10 and be completed by mid-December.
  • Carpet installation: This will be the last work to complete to avoid damage to the carpet. ETA: December
  • Final City Inspection: ETA: December

Help needed: 

  • -Please continue to make dua for the faster completion of this project.
  • -We didn’t get all the pledges during the last Ramadhan fundraiser. We require roughly 400K to complete the construction
  • -We are trying different avenues to get loans. It would be great if you could fulfill your pledges in September to avoid delays. We also need loans from brothers and Sisters for a year (5K to 20K).

Please contact for any questions or if you are interested in giving a short-term loan.

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