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Alhamdulillah ICOE has started a Pre-School program (Mishkah Academy) from September, 2017 onwards. Our vision is to provide a platform to the community where kids can learn and seek knowledge in an Islamic environment for their early childhood education. Mishkah Academy is starting

Your child will benefit from the following:

  • Islamic environment based upon the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah.
  • Emphasis on manners and socialization.
  • Group and individual activities.
  • Emphasis on personal & social development.
  • Qur’an & Arabic language instruction.
  • Art and science activities to stimulate imagination and creative expression.
  • Gross and fine motor skills development.
  • Heavy emphasis on elementary school preparation through early development of reading, math, and writing skills.
  • Kindergarten will follow curriculum by Columbia Virtual Academy ( a Washington State accredited academy

Pre-School Curriculum Includes


  • Qur’an Memorization/Recitation
  • Arabic Language
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics and Science

Social & Emotional

  • Islamic Values and Morals
  • Islamic Environment
  • Free Play
  • Center Activities
  • Circle Time


  • Artistic & Creative Expression
  • Nasheeds—Islamic Songs
  • Computers—Educational Software
  • Outdoor Play
  • Field Trips



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